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House, Home & Lifestyle

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House, Home & Lifestyle

The story behind the House, Home & Lifestyle magazine

Surgoed Makelaardij N.V. started in 2011 with the publication of a contemporary, glossy real estate, home and lifestyle magazine in Suriname.

This magazine was the first of its kind and immediately became a success. Every two to three months a new edition is published full of interesting, educational and fun articles about real estate and home & lifestyle.

Its purpose is to make the real estate world more accessible and comprehensible for everyone: buyers, sellers, tenants and landlords.

To reach an even larger target audience, we not only offer the print edition of the magazine, but we also publish it online on our website. The magazine is also available in the Netherlands!

We discuss various topics in our magazine. We publish articles about the real estate market and its novelties, we show lots and houses and we talk about all sorts of nice things that occur in the world of real estate.

On the one hand, the magazine consists of articles about novelties on the real estate and investment market. There are interviews with economists, project developers and other experience experts, we talk about building or renovating a house and we show lots and domains. The civil-law notary also answers important questions that you may have when purchasing or selling real estate and he explains various terms. You can read all kinds of articles about real estate and get to keep up with the latest news. We will keep you informed and discuss the most interesting topics.

In addition, the magazine contains many properties, lots and domains that are offered for sale. We discuss the different locations and domains, but we also inform you about the real estate. In this way a lot of houses, commercial properties and lots that are spread across Paramaribo and Suriname get brought to your attention. We also show some unique locations in Suriname where you can get a house or lot.

Lastly, we also include some “leisurely” articles in our magazine concerning real estate and Suriname in general. For example, we take a look in the home of a famous Surinamese, we give tips on excursions and day trips, we introduce Surinamese companies, we compare some products and materials from the construction sector (bathrooms, kitchens, living rooms …), and we look at some distinctive homes and discuss interior design trends.

This magazine is the perfect preparation for any potential buyer of a house or lot before purchasing it, but also sellers and owners learn a lot from it. The magazine is a good read for every Surinamese, Dutch or anyone else interested in real estate.

Would you like to receive our newspaper at home?

We deliver in Paramaribo! So you can be sure that you can get a copy. Mail to [email protected] and state your address. You can also pick up a magazine at our office at Kernkampweg 13 in Paramaribo.

We wish you pleasant reading!