About us

The largest real estate agency in Suriname

About us

Thijs Mouchart founded Surgoed Makelaardij NV in 2009, after which the company became the largest real estate agency in Suriname.

Surgoed Makelaardij NV consists of real estate agents who are driven and who wish to distinguish themselves from others. That is why we, the real estate agents, set some important conditions for ourselves. We guarantee quality, perseverance, customer focus and reliability. Furthermore, our work is characterized by transparency and accuracy. Due to our way of working we are well-known in Suriname.

We are creative and think ahead. Surgoed is only satisfied with the very best. That is our style, our strength. We aim to provide first-class quality in everything we do. Surgoed is happy to get started for you. Our employees have the knowledge and experience to provide you with the best possible service.

Landlords, tenants, sellers en buyers receive our personal attention and time. We want to provide the best service to all parties and to assist them throughout the entire process. We strive to achieve everyone’s goals and to meet their expectations. Surgoed Makelaardij N.V. makes every effort to assist customers as best as possible. We can therefore guarantee high quality services.

Furthermore, Surgoed’s way of working is very customer-oriented. We offer personal, high-quality service. We provide assistance and advice to every customer starting at the viewing, but also during the negotiations and the conclusion of the agreement. Tenants and buyers, landlords and sellers: we treat them all equally. We spend a generous amount of time with every customer and answer questions or comments thoroughly and with care. We want to provide every customer with the proper service and we strongly believe in honesty. The customer can always count on us and we are always available for questions and advice. We can also assist our clients with legal matters. This full and proper service ensures a high level of customer satisfaction.

Lastly, we are known for our reliability. This has to do with two things. On the one hand, we can provide accurate, detailed information and advice because we have a good understanding of the real estate market. Thanks to many years of experience, we can accurately assess the market and also make a correct estimate of all lots or houses. On the other hand, this means that we only provide reliable information. We strongly believe in honesty and always provide correct, but also complete data, information and advice. Every customer is treated in the same, confidential way. Due to our way of working, we succeed in building a relationship of trust with our customers. As a result, we were also able to develop a large customer base and enter into lasting, pleasant collaborations.

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