Real Estate Advice

Real Estate Advice

Get real estate advice from experts!

Real Estate Advice - Get real estate advice from experts! - Surgoed Makelaardij NV - Paramaribo, Suriname

Real estate advice in Suriname

Real estate advice and advice when making important decisions.

You are faced with an important decision when it comes to real estate in Suriname. We understand all too well that real estate is a complex subject where you could use some help. Surgoed helps you by providing real estate advice.

You want to sell, purchase, rent out, rent, rebuild property etc., but do not know where to start. We help you with all important steps and guide you throughout the entire process. We provide you with assistance and advice. You can count on getting complete and correct advice.

Thanks to many years of experience in the real estate market, our real estate experts can provide you with perfect guidance. You can consult them for all your questions, concerns and complex situations. They will be happy to assist you and give advice. You get an honest, well-founded opinion with related advice that best fits your situation or question. You can count on our advice being reliable and worthwhile.

Our domains

We can advise you about various domains and answer many of your questions. Do you wish to sell real estate (due to different situations), purchase or rent out? Do you need an estimate or land survey? We can help you with this.
We want to guide the seller through the current laws with discretion and provide assistance by taking the right actionsteps. Before selling your property an expert study and appraisal are carried out. We explain in detail which steps you should take and in which way we can help you. We advise you at the beginning of the selling process, when looking for a potential buyer and at the completion of the sale. We want to inform both the seller and the prospective buyer in a correct and optimal way.

You wish to rent out your property. We can provide you with information about the different options for rental agreements and we can solve any issue that falls within the rent legislation. We advise you when choosing from the types of rental agreements. In addition, we can also help you with drawing up your agreement and searching for a potential tenant. A detailed inventory of fixtures and fittings is also essential, just like the rent determination, security deposit, maintenance agreements and so on. Given the complexity and the numerous aspects that have to be taken care of, you can make use of our services if you want to rent out property. With us you receive personal guidance.

Lastly, Surgoed will assist you when you need an appraisal of your property or would like to obtain a complete measurement of it. We inform you about the possibilities, the opportunities, the subsequent steps and are happy to further assist you in taking those action steps. Surgoed offers a complete package: you can rely on us for everything that has to do with real estate!