Renting out property

Renting out property in Suriname

Renting out property - Renting out property in Suriname - Surgoed Makelaardij NV - Paramaribo, Suriname

Do you wish to rent out property in Suriname?

Do you have a house, vacation home, apartment or commercial property available that you want to rent this out? Surgoed can provide you with further assistance! We will look for a suitable tenant for you. Our experienced real estate experts assist you with the rental of your property and provide you with detailed advice. We guarantee you a proper price and a suitable tenant.


  • We set a number of conditions in advance for potential tenants, which ensures that we find a reliable, suitable tenant for your property.
  • Surgoed is the largest real estate agency in Suriname.
  • Every month thousands of people visit our website and Facebook page.
  • Every quarter our real estate newspaper, in which your property appears, has thousands of readers.

Way of working

Surgoed starts with an initial interview when you decide to rent out your property. We discuss our conditions with you and we give you detailed information about our way of working. Then we view your property. We take photos and afterwards lay down our collaboration in a contract. We discuss the property in detail and look at its qualities. In this way we determine a proper rental price and can guarantee a good price / quality ratio to both parties.

Visibility advertisement

Surgoed will ensure that your property is offered for rent through various channels. We list your property on the website, newsletter, Facebook page, Surgoed newspaper and other social media outlets. This enables us to quickly find a suitable tenant.

Contract term

Because Surgoed Makelaardij NV will guarantee 100% exposure for your property, we require that you give us the exclusive right to offer this property for rent during a 12-month contract term.